January 7, 2018

Today I am launching my Musical Autobiography in 52 parts, A weekly look at the music that was most influential in my life as a way to shed a little light on who I am and what makes me tick. My passion (sometimes obsession) for music started early and continues to this day. I hope…

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August 18, 2017

Hello all.  This post comes from the computer music side of Pancycle not the instrument crafting and tuning (at least not the physical kind) side. This is an update to this post which includes a preset for  Aalto that I made.  Apparently the earlier version wasn’t working when copied and pasted from here and Randy…

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January 23, 2017

My workspace is at 18 Rue de la Glacière 1060 Bruxelles Belgique Coming from Gare de Midi one can take the Tram 81 to Moris.  Then is a few minute walk to Glacière. #18 Rue de la Glacière is a garage entrance.  At the back of the garage on the left there is a hallway.  There…

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April 25, 2015

I am very pleased and honored to announce the next step in my collaboration with Pantheon Steel – makers of the Halo handpan.  In addition to tuning and maintaining Halos here in Europe I am now helping Pantheon with the production of new Halos.  The first batch of instruments is here in Brussels with me and work…

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April 22, 2015

Occasionally I have time to work out some new musical ideas.  This is an updated version of the most recent tune featuring just a little minimal Halo playing. Heavy Water by Pancycle

March 11, 2014

There has been a lot of travel and many changes in my world recently and while Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest etc. offer a peak into what is happening I feel that a rare and official statement  is in order.  In launching the new website last November I had every intention of keeping content current and information…

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